EPS and E-Por Solar Cell / Wafer Packaging Boxes

Schaumaplast has established a strong presence in the solar industry both in Europe and in the USA with our innovative Styrofoam solar cell / wafer packaging half boxes.  The clam shell design of these cell or wafer packs is the ideal packaging solution to pack, store and ship solar cells and wafers.  Their design even allows an easy integration into automated solar cell / wafer packaging stations!!

The functionally efficient design is proven and works.  Some of the largest solar companies have for many years made our packaging solution their choice to pack their cells and wafers.  The light weight, low cost, superior insulation and cushioning values of EPS, which is actually 100% recyclable and contains no CFC’s,  makes these boxes the best choice on the market for anybody and everybody that requires packing their solar cell and wafers. 

Our solar cell / wafer packaging boxes come in, for the solar industry standard sizes to fit 125 mm diameter and 156 mm diameter cells and wafers. Stock boxes are available for anybody to purchase.  Should the stock boxes not be the perfect fit, we are we able to help with custom designed boxes in any size just for your cells and wafers in EPS and EPOR!
In addition to the above described EPS and EPOR packaging boxes can, we can also supply you with the polyurethane and silver saver paper inlays as well as the outer master cartons. For detailed specks, further info, to request samples or to have us design your custom solar cell / wafer shipping boxes, please contact us.

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