EPS in this field is used to make “retail” coolers (with or without handles), stackable ice chests and even floatation coolers (great for the pool or for floating down the river!!). We for example mold bottle and wine shippers used for protective packaging and cornices which in this instance are used to decorate your windows and to hold your curtain fabric.

Another area of expertise is the Arts & Crafts and decorative toy sector with EPS being the ideal material to make any shape or design imaginable. For more information and to discuss your custom part or idea please contact us.  With our unique technical know-how and experience with EPS, we are here to help your specific requirement become reality.

Schaumaplast Precision Foam Molders is also proud to announce that through our strategic partnership with Magna Manufacturing Inc. we have started to offer Magna Manufacturing’s well established and proven LoBoy EPS molded retail cooler line exclusively for sale in the Southwest.  Molded here in Phoenix, the LoBoy coolers come in different sizes, with or without handle etc. These coolers, which by the way can be personalized with company logos on the sides, as well as the stackable Ice Chests, are perfect for your next picnic, fishing or hiking trip or for taking along to the grocery store, all the while keeping your food or drinks nice and cool while enjoying the outdoors or shopping.

For detailed specks, further info, to request samples or to have us design your custom EPS molded retail cooler or part, please contact us and check out the complete LoBoy cooler line at www.loboy.com


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