Its excellent thermal insulation properties make EPS the proven choice for many temperature sensitive pharmaceutical and medical products. EPS is light weight, is highly resistant to heat/cold flow and the cell structure of expanded polystyrene is pretty much impervious to water. This makes EPS molded insulated shippers and coolers, which are being relied upon heavily by the pharmaceutical distribution industry, ideal to ship perishable items.

In addition to making insulated shippers and coolers in this field, EPS is widely being used to mold lab ware products and trays used to hold, pack and ship test, culture and transport vials and tubes. Diagnostics trays and shippers, transplant sets and various dental parts and medical parts are other proven applications for EPS in the pharmaceutical and medial sector.

In order for us to help with the custom design and development of your specific packaging requirements, we often times only require a drawing or sample of the parts you are looking to pack or protect. For further info, to request existing samples or to have us design your custom EPS molded shipper/cooler or tray etc., please contact us.





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