Molded EPS offers incredible flexibility of design so that almost any shape can be produced. Whether for insulation, cushioning or protection, molded EPS is the perfect solution for a myriad of products and applications.

EPS is custom shape molded into architectural shapes and technical parts as well as protective packaging and transportation materials including insulated containers, shippers, coolers, boxes for medical, cosmetic, industrial & other general uses. End caps (top & bottom or left & right), various corners and edge protectors, trays, components and many specialty items (like seedling trays etc.) are being made out of EPS every day.

In addition to molded EPS, Schaumaplast also offers competitive prices and the same service and design & development for EPS hot-wire pre-cut parts and shapes.  From a simple pre-cut sheet to CNC cut cradles and edge protectors, hot-wire cut EPS has similar characteristics to molded EPS and can be a very affordable solution.

Our ability to provide you with the perfect product is only limited by your imagination! From design and development all the way to your customer, you are in good hands with Schaumaplast. For further details and info or to make an appointment to discuss your needs, please don’t hesitate to contact us.




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