Schaumaplast began back in 1964 in Reilingen (Germany) as a custom shape molding company of expanded polystyrene (EPS). With our friendly, competent and engaged employees, not to forget all our customers and their trust in us, we were able to establish various manufacturing plants internationally (Please see locations of our plants in the “Contact us” page). Schaumaplast Precision Foam Molders is located in Phoenix – Arizona, and has been at this location since 1999. With new technologies, new foams and new developments we are a state-of-the art molding company that provides a variety of industries with economical and efficient shape molded and hot wire cut products and packaging.

Over 50 years of experience in the EPS industry, we at Schaumaplast stand for reliability, top quality and competitive prices – This is our way to establish long term relationships with our customers.  With our technical expertise we are able to proved flexible and swift reactions to diverse customer requirements and development of system solutions.

We do not have a brand name like Bosch-Siemens, BMW or Snap on – but we do believe that we could consider “Schaumaplast” a brand with our commitment to product quality, our customers, our employees, protecting the environment and many more qualities that a brand name should have. As we continue our journey we are going to continue to exceed customer’s expectations and we will establish a new level of excellence in the markets we serve.

Our products have virtually unlimited design flexibility and they can be easily customized. This design flexibility means our products can be used in almost any industry and for a wide variety of applications. Schaumaplast is the choice for so many industries and companies.

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